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The real estate industry has been evolving the past ten years with real estate companies creating brand awareness and lead generation through digital marketing. Social Media allows real estate agents to target their clients directly based on their needs. On the other hand, consumers, buying behavior has adapted to digital marketing and are researching multiple real estate agents and developers before deciding inquiry for a specific Property. Cyprus, and especially companies in Limassol, have improved significantly with modern websites and creative marketing material. Cyprino is proud to say that we are a technologically driven company with customized CRM using automated software to connect potential buyers in Limassol with a property they actually are interested in saving our agents and clients valuable time.

Real Estate Buyers in Limassol  

The Emotional Buyer 

When it comes to buyers interested in investing in Limassol, there usually are two different types of buying behaviors. The client that is Buying for lifestyle purposes, taking their decision on emotions. We have sold properties to people in Limassol that, as soon as they walk in the house, fall in love with either the design or the Beautifull sea view Limassol Offers from luxury properties and decide on the spot that this is their home. These clients that take their decision based on emotion in most cases do not negotiate much the price and are looking for a quick transaction.

The Investor Buyer 

Buyers that decide to purchase a property in Cyprus for investment purposes, to rent out or buy to resell once the property is delivered ( buying off-plan ), are making their decisions with a more analytical mind then the emotional buyer. An investor that decides that Cyprus is the destination they would like to invest will ask for previous sales in the area and or building the ration of sales for the past three years to get an understanding of how deals are progressing year by year and what increase in prices. At Cyprino, these are the clients we love as we have all the necessary data for an investor to make an educated decision that is most likely to make a profit in the future with the potential of capital appreciation.