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Having the freedom to live and work in any country that is a member of the European Union without seeking any further permissions is a great benefit of Eu Citizenship for people from countries outside of the European Union.

1. A person that that is an EU Citizen has the right to vote for the EU Parliment and can even run for a seat on parliament, for people that own a local business in a European Country and want to be involved in Politics, this is another great way for becoming a Eu Citizen.

2. You will be treated as any other citizen of the country you decide to live in, for example, if you decide to obtain EU Citizenship and live in Cyprus, you will have the right of health care like any other citizen, social security benefits like any other local, your children will have the ability to attend public schools in Cyprus. You even have the right to vote in any public elections just like any other citizen of Cyprus. These are benefits of Eu Citizenship and the reason many people decide to obtain European Status.

3. As a European Citizen you will have diplomatic protection, if for example, you are in a country that does not have an embassy of your home country, you can count on any EU Embassy in that country to treat you as a citizen of the European Union and help you.

4. A benefit of Eu Citizenship is also the right for your children to study in any top university in Europe without any restrictions or difficult visa restrictions. Many people from Russia Middle East And China wish to study in Universities in Cyprus, Germany or France but are restricted to purchase properties visa restrictions. Buy becoming a Eu Citizen all these problems are solved immediately.

5.No More endless documents needed by the embassy of the European Country you wish to travel to, either for business or travel, Cyprino has many clients that need invitations bank documents endless regulations to obtain a visa. 

6. A fantastic gift to your children, as becoming a Cypriot Citizen that is a full member of the European Union, your children will be automatically eligible for EU Citizenship and enjoy all the above benefits of Eu Citizenship.

7. Privacy is and should be an issue for most people as data and the right of protection is not as strong as in the European Union, The European Union has the best laws in the world for data protection, recently also passing the law of GDPR which protects the rights of its citizens for privacy. 

The benefits of Eu Citizenship are endless and we can arrange for you with our expert immigration partners a meeting to inform you with more details. Cyprino has many properties that qualify under the CBI Citizenship by investment program and can assist you in not only obtaining EU Citizenship but also finding a great property for you and your family. 

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